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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thinking about Group Work

In university, sometimes group work didn't go well.
The reason is how friendlly they are, I think. University doesn't have class like ES, JHS, HS. So it's more difficult to make many friends for university students than ES, JHS, HS.

But, that can be occured in JHS and so on. That's at begining of the class, especially 1st grade. Then we have to plan the group work what the students can act friendlly. For that, I suggest two plan for improve.

First, activity with body work. Some group works are only conversasion, so we teachers should use body works, especially in this term. With body work, student can enjoy the class. It can see in after sports. We can refresh and thinking become more positive after sports. So I think body work is important in group works.

Second, games. And I suggest competition. With competition, the group must go the goal and students want to win. So games make students one.

With these ways, group works can go well, I think.


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